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New to the Time Trials

If your swimming teacher has selected you as a possible candidate to join the Anaconda Swim Training Programme for competitive swimmers, you will be invited to try out for the Training Programme by coming along to our Club Time Trials held periodically at Cally Pool. All races will be over 50 metres (i.e. 2 lengths of Cally Pool).  We have approximately 140 swimmers in our training squads and as places become available they are offered to those swimmers with the fastest combined times for the four strokes over 50 metres. You must have a time for each stroke to be eligible.


On Time Trial nights

On time trial nights you should arrive at the Cally Pool in time to be changed and ready on poolside at 8.00pm.There will be a list of heats posted on the poolside wall outside the changing rooms and if you have registered in advance your name will be listed in one of the heats. You should look to see what heat number you are in. There will be a short warm-up then the races will begin. The announcer will call out the heat numbers and you should wait at the starting area and step forward when you hear your heat number called. The highest numbered heats (which include new swimmers like yourself) go first. When all the swimmers have completed one stroke we start the heats again with the second stroke. After you have finished your second swim you can get changed and leave. The results will be posted on the noticeboard at Cally or are available from Ray Haggan 3 or 4 days after your swim.

If you have any questions on the night please ask one of our coaches or club captains (usually wearing their red club shirts) or any of the other parents or older swimmers on the poolside.  Parents and supporters are very welcome (please wear the plastic shoe covers provided if you are on the poolside).

If you have any questions before then please ask your teacher for advice or you can call Ray Haggan (details below).  More information about the club and our training programme can be found on the website.

Time Trial nights are lots of fun and we hope you will come. Even if you can only manage one evening it is worthwhile setting a time for two of the strokes. We run 50 metre time trials every two months so there are many opportunities to set and improve your times.


Register For Time Trials

Please register in advance to make sure you are allocated to a heat. Contact Ray on 020 7226 4384 for further information or e-mail