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Keeping track of swimmers times is essential to incentivise swimmers and to see how well they are progressing. Swimmers should be aware of their current PB in each stroke. To find swimmers’ times click here

  1. Allow Cookies in pop up at top of screen (if asked).
  2. Find “Anaconda Swimming Club” on the drop down list and select.
  3. Then click on “Athletes”, find swimmer (using the search box), then click “times” to the left of the name.
  4. Now click on the drop down box where it says ‘Course’ and select SCM (short for “short course metres” – meaning a 25m pool)


To find swimmers’ official licensed times click here

Middlesex County and London Region Qualifying Times

Middlesex County Qualifying Times 2019    2019 London Swimming Regional Summer Championships Qualifying Times

Gala Results