National Arena League Rd 3 8th December 2018

Posted on: January 6th, 2019 by John Donovan No Comments

Huge congratulations to the swimmers and coaches  of Anaconda who contributed towards this years National Arena League campaign and achieved promotion to the Premier Division.

We finished 3rd on the night behind Watford and Hackney but the total points for the gala were not correct having us 39 points behind Hackney and although it took nearly two weeks to sort out, the correct results were finally published. The problem was with faulty time pads in lanes 4 & 5  (Watford and ourselves) and then incorrect information manually  passed over to the recorders. This was not the way we wanted to achieve promotion as  we feel our club were denied “its moment” on the night after being presented with the 3rd place pennant. Thankfully the problems were sorted out and Anaconda SC will rightfully start next years campaign in the Premier Division.

Well done to every swimmer who wore the red cap of Anaconda SC !