National Arena Junior League (M11) Div 1 25th June 2017

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by John Donovan


Congratulations to our Junior Arena League squad (9-12yr) who put on such a gutsy performance in the final round of this years competition and made sure Anaconda SC stay in the top flight for next season, a fantastic achievement by our young swimmers and proof yet again that the club is without doubt going in the right direction.

From the 49 races Anaconda had 21 podium finishes on the day which gave the club a 4th place finish in the gala and a final league position of 12th, two spots above the relegation zone.

1st place finishes:

Boys 10/u 4×25 Medley Relay 1:13.91 Cy SherlIker, Alec Selwyn, Vincent Benedict & Rocco Giustiniani.

Girls 11/u 50m Breaststroke Sophia Bremen 41.36

Girls 4×1 Freestyle relay: 1:05.68 Annabel Dewhurst, Echo Braden, Ines Guetin, Lily Waite.

Girls 11/u 4×25 Medley relay 1:10.19 Persephone Holloway, Sophia Bremen, Evie Stansfield, Martha Butler.

2nd Place finishes:

Girls 10yrs 50m Butterfly Lily Waite 39.88

Girls 10yrs 50m Freestyle Lily Waite 35.37

Boys 10/u 4×25 Freestyle relay 1:06.77 Alec Selwyn, Cy Sherliker Rocco Giustiniani, Vincent Benedict.

3rd Place finishes:

Girls 10/u  4×25 Medley relay 1:15.88 Lily Waite, Annabel Dewhurst, Echo Braden, Ines Guetin.

Girls 11/u 4×25 Freestyle relay 1:02.43 Evie Stansfield. Martha Butler, Evelyn Cole, Persephone Holloway.

Girls 9yrs 25m Freestyle Ella Banks 17.72

Boys 9yrs 25m Freestyle Matthew Pearson 18.58

Boys 10yrs 50m Breaststroke Alec Selwyn 45.25

Boys 11/u 50m Backstroke Cyril De Montbel 37.40

Girls 9yrs 25m Breaststroke Lily Arvanitis 22.22

Girls 10yrs 50m Backstroke Annabel Dewhurst 44.15

Boys 11/u 50m Butterfly Cyril De Montbel 37.84

Boys 9yrs 25m Backstroke Matthew Pearson 21.70

Boys 10yrs 50m Butterfly Rocco Giustiniani 38.41

Boys 12/u 50m Breaststroke James Brealey 40.29

Boys 10yrs 50m Freestyle Vincent Benedict 35.94

Boys 11/u 4×25 Medley Relay Cy Sherliker, Alec Selwyn, Cyril De Montbel, Taran Thomas.

The squad was completed by the following swimmers who all played such an important part.

Leila Shafiq,Ettienne Hutt, Rocio Leyva-Thomas, Bruno Tubbs, Dylan Baker, Seren Millar,Olivia Gordon-Clark, Sidney Gruber, Finn Larner,Finn Clayton, Annabel Mitchison, Malik Abegglen

Only 1 League point separated us from the drop so it shows you how important every point gained within the 3 rounds were, so congratulations to every swimmer who took part in this years campaign.

Head Coach Wayne Lock said afterwards “After being promoted to the top division as champions last year, the clubs aim for this year was to stay up and build for next season, job done on all counts”