M11 Junior Arena League Rd 1 28/4/19

Posted on: June 10th, 2019 by John Donovan No Comments

The eagerly awaited 1st round of this years M11 Junior Arena League took place at Basildon  over the weekend and Anaconda had a great start to the campaign finishing 4th against some very high standard competition. From the 49 events we managed 15 podium places and the squad competed superbly with many gutsy performances in the pool.

Well done to all of our swimmers who took part and thanks to our coaching team and club officials who volunteered.


Asa Williams 10yrs 50m Backstroke (36.4) & 10yrs 50m Butterfly (35.34)


Lily Waite  12yrs 50m Butterfly (31.44)

Rocco Giustiniani  12yrs 50m Butterfly (32.18)

Rose Lin 11yrs 50m Butterfly (35.66)

Alec Selwyn 12yrs 50m Breaststroke (38.9)


Flora Gordon-Clark 9yrs 25m Backstroke (21.94)

Riley Budnik 9yrs 25m Butterfly (21.5)

Lily Arvanitis 11yrs 50m Breaststroke (44,47)

Girls 12/u 4x50m medley relay (2:19.63) &  4x50m free relay (2:06.75)

Boys 12/u 4x50m medley relay (2:18.93)

Girls 11/u 4x25m free relay (1:02.3) & 4x25m medley relay (1:11.94)

Boys 10/u 4x25m medley relay (1:13.43)



Lily Arvanitis, Ella Banks, Vita Braden, Riley Budnik, Eireann Capelan-O’Brien, Annabel Dewhurst, Grace Gander, Rocco Giustiniani, Flora Gordon-Clark, Tom Greenhill, Emily Gruber, Sidney Gruber, Finn Larner, Rose Lin, Seb Lyttle, Cian McCarthy, Matthew Pearson, Cavell Portman, Alec Selwyn, Isaac Silverstone, Stephanie Skoplakis, Pearl Thode, Lily Waite, Asa Williams, Imogen Yu.


Basildon & Phoenix 309 pts

Hillingdon 269 pts

Barnet Copthall 260 pts

Anaconda 218 pts

Greenwich Royals 215 pts

Harlow Penguins 172 pts

Kingston Royals 165 pts

NUEL  147 pts