Hackney Aquatics Development Meet 16th June 2019

Posted on: June 18th, 2019 by John Donovan No Comments

Well done to all the Anaconda swimmers who took part in the Hackney Aquatics Development meet on Fathers Day. A total of 53 swimmers took part, with many diving into the competitive swimming  pool for the the first time and hopefully coming away with happy and positive memories.

Congratulations to our swimmers who came away with a total of 56 medals and special mention to Iris Court who broke the Anaconda Girls 10yrs 100m breaststroke record with a new time of 1:32.16, well done Iris!


Echo Braden (12yrs) 50m Fly 35.73, 100m Fly 1:22.76; Martha Butler (13yrs) 50m Fly 34.84, 100IM 1:20.16; Jasmina Charap (15yrs) 100m Back 1:17.06, 50m Free 31.59, 100m Free 1:09.60: Iris Court (10yrs) 100m Breaststroke 1:32.16, 100IM 1:30.31; Pearl Kendle (13yrs) 100m Breaststroke 1:29.27; Rose Lin (11yrs) 100m Back 1:22.76, 50m Back 38.86; Annabel Mitchison (14yrs) 50m Breaststroke 40.03; Annigan Moodie (12yrs) 100IM 1:24.02; Stephanie Skoplakis (12yrs) 50m Back 36.62; Lily Waite (12yrs) 100m Back 1:17.74; Alec Selwyn (12yrs) 50m Free 31.12, 100m Free 1:08.02, 50m Fly 35.0, 100IM 1:16.56;


Echo Braden 50m Free 31.87,100IM 1:24.07; Vita Braden (10yrs) 50m Fly 40.92, 50m Free 36.3, 100IM 1:34.11; Edie Butterworth (12yrs) 50m Fly 37.02; Rose Lin 100m Free 1:13.12, 50m Free 33.73, 100IM 1:26.21; Rubi McNicholl (13yrs) 50m Back 38.16;   Annigan Moodie 100m Breaststroke 1:36.58; Stephanie Skoplakis 100m Free 1:11.92, Lily Waite 50m Breaststroke 42.54; Finn Clayton (11yrs) 100m Fly 1:45.81; Sidney Gruber (11yrs) 50m Breaststroke 47.21, 100m Breaststroke 1:43.9; Cian McCarthy (10yrs)  50m Back 40.59; Makar Sokolov (12yrs) 50m Fly 35.54, 100m Fly 1:20.94, 100m Breaststroke 1:34.44;


Echo Braden 50m Back 37.73; Vita Braden 100m Free 1:23.42; Martha Butler 50m Breaststroke 42.45, 100m Breaststroke 1:32.72;  Edie Butterworth 100m Breaststroke 1:36.72; Eireann Capelan-O’Brien (10yrs) 100m Breaststroke 1:43.7, 100IM 1:34.28; Olivia Gordon-Clark (11yrs) 50m Free 35.07; Pearl Kendle 100m Fly 1:40.2; Rose Lin 50m Breaststroke 46.69;  Seren Millar (11yrs) 50m Back 41.07; Eleanor Simons (9yrs) 50m Breaststroke 53.95; Stephanie Skoplakis 100m Back 1:21.08, 50m Free 32.3; Mahmoud El-Okla (10yrs) 100IM 1:34.6; Cian McCarthy 100m Back 1:31.5;