Enfield Swim Squad County Qualifier 19/20th November 2016

Posted on: January 4th, 2017 by John Donovan


A big well done to all our swimmers who took part in the ESS County Qualifier over the weekend. Yet again the level of improvement,shown by all our swimmers , was outstanding.

Anaconda had 51 swimmers competing in 221 events. 163 PBs were achieved and 62 medals won. (21 gold, 22 silver and 19 bronze). Head Coach Wayne Lock was very pleased with the efforts shown by the squad and commented “I’m not just pleased with the number of PBs but also by how many seconds are being taken off old personal best times. The swimmers are buzzing at the moment and rightly reaping the rewards from the hard work they are putting in.”


Tommy Donovan 100m breast 1:08.03, 200m breast 2:32.28, 100m free 56.95, 200m free 2:04.64; Elena Dewhurst 50m breast 37.88, 100m breast 1:23.15, 100m free 1:01.32, 100IM 1:11.35; Vinnie Benedict 50m fly 41.11, 50m free 36.26, 100IM 1:32.37; Alec Selwyn 50m breast 47.30, 100m breast 1:44.68; Alice Bayley 50m fly 34.13, 100m fly 1:16. 72; Cyril De Montbel 50m back 40.74 100m fly 1:31.46; Dorothy Brock 50m free 29.25; Jess Neale 100m fly 1:10.38; Persephone Holloway 50m back 38.93; Sophia Bremen 200m breast 3:27.66.


Cyril De Montbel 50m breast 49.30 100m breast 1:46.51, 50m fly 37.63, 100m back 1:29.35, 100m free 1:19.88, 100IM 1:27.98; Alistair Woolley 50m fly 30.01, 50m free 27.41, 50m back 32.79; Elena Dewhurst 50m back 33.75, 100m fly 1:13.61, 200IM 2:39.62; Emily Thomas 50m breast 41.38, 100m free 1:04.84; Mabli Elliman 50m breast 38.59, 100m breast 1:25.98; Alice Purves 200 back 2:56.59; Dorothy Brock 100m free 1:04.27; Edie Butterworth 50m breast 54.46; Jess Neale 200m fly 2:43.72; Leto Atherton 50m fly 35.17; Alice Bayley 100IM 1:18.27;


Evie Stansfield 100m fly 1:36.79, 100IM 1:31.82, 200m back 3:15.72; Pearl Kendle 50m breast 48.16,;Leila Shafiq 50m breast 43.96; Harriette Sebag-Montefiore 50m free 31.19; Ettienne Hutt 50m fly 40.31; Esme Llewelyn-Smith 100m free 1:05.68; Polly Rayner 100m breast 1:27.15; Edie Butterworth 50m back 49.81; Emily Thomas 200m free 2:23.55; Alice Bayley 100m free 1:08.75; Jess Neale 100m breast 1:24.45; Elena Dewhurst 200m free 2:22.28; Charlie Pliner 200m fly 3:06.63, Luke Dudley 50m fly 29.77; Sam McAllister 50m back 34.77; Cyril De Montbel 50m free 35.05; Alistair Woolley 100m back 1:12.09;