Ealing L3 February Meet

Posted on: April 12th, 2018 by John Donovan


Congratulations to the 58 strong squad who took part in the Ealing February Open Meet over the weekend.

Against some very strong opponents the Anaconda swimmers won 60 medals, 19 Gold,21 Silver and 20 Bronze and the whole squad contributed towards the 106 PBs achieved. 9 club records were also broken to cap a very good weekend for Anaconda.

Gold Medals: Ettienne Hutt 50m fly (34.43) 50m free (30.73) 100m free (1:06.73); Alice Bayley 50m free (29.36) 100m breast (1:18.40) 100m IM 1:12.72): Sydney Celul 50m fly (32.93) 50m free (29.37); Rocco Giustiniani 50m fly (35.27) 100m fly (1:19.37); Sam McAllister 50m breaststroke (34.87) 200m free (2:12.85); Charlie Baduna 100m breast (1:25.85); Noah Boydell 50m fly (29.71); Luke Dudley 50m free (25.93); Polly Rayner 50m breast (37.93); Sadie Goldin 50m back (31.80) Mabel Hayes 100m breast (1:29.96); Jess Neale 200m fly(2:48.02);

Silver Medals: Sadie Goldin 200m back (2:35.14) 100m back (1:13.64) 50m free (28.57) 100m free (1:03.09); Alec Selwyn 50m breast (41.51) 100m breast (1:32.56) 200m (3:23.72); Luke Dudley 50m fly (28.48) 100IM (1:07.37); Annabel Mitchison 200m fly (3:02.37); Mabli Elliman 50m back (35.53); Jasmina Charap 50m breast (39.08); Sophia Bremen 200m breast (3:13.56); Alice Bayley 200IM (2:42.39); Evie Stansfield 100m back (1:18.75);Polly Rayner 100m breast (1:24.98); Ali Woolley 50m fly (29.97); Sam McAlistair 50m free (27.11); Dylan Baker 50m back (33.65); Noah Boydell 100m fly (1:10.01); Charlie Baduna 100m breast (1:25.88):

Bronze Medals: Rocco Giustiniani 50m free (33.12) 50m breast (46.20) 100IM (1:28.07); Evie Stansfield 50m back (35.32) 50m fly (36.20); Jasmina Charap 50m back (36.33) 100m back (1:28.41); Chloe Baduna 50m breast (42.61); Edie Butterworth 100IM (1:30.37); Evelyn Cole 100IM (1:23.30) :Yu Xuan Lin 50m back (41.65); Leila Shafiq 50m breast (39.75); Leto Atherton 50m fly (32.63); Sydney Celul 100m free (1:06.51); Jess Neale 100m fly (1:10.84); Mabel Hayes 50m free (31.48); Mabli Elliman 50m breast (39.73); Vincent Benedict 100m fly (1:33.06); Dylan Baker 200m back (2:38.74); Charlie Pliner 50m free (27.75):

Club Records broken:

Alice Bayley 14yr & Open 100m breaststroke 1:18.40 14yr 100Im 1:12.7

Tommy Donovan 16yr & Open 50m breast 29.76 16yr & Open 400m free 4:22.53

Sadie Goldin 13yr 200m back 2:35.14

Rocco Giustiniani 10yr 100m fly 1:19.37